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We Are Chumash. This Is What We Believe.

Much of Chumash culture is rooted in our deep connection to the remarkable Valley where our people have lived for over 8,000 years. The Valley has always been our source of inspiration and its beauty sets a standard reflected in everything we do. This place is our home. It has sustained and restored us for generations. Perhaps that’s why the Chumash people historically believed that they had a special responsibility to replenish and re-energize weary guests – both body and soul.

As we set out to create a unique kind of casino-resort, our extraordinary Valley will continue to inspire all aspects of the experience. Our guests tell us that they feel unburdened from the stress and routine of modern life. We’ll help them to live in the moment. To be Re-energized. Renewed. Transformed. Free.

Other California casinos may try to emulate Las Vegas because they believe that gambling is all about adrenaline and excitement. But we believe that a casino-resort in our Valley should be true to this special place. It must be about freedom from the responsibilities and expectations that weigh people down. The Chumash Casino Resort should be the ultimate place to re-charge.

We believe that people can gamble anywhere but they can only set themselves free in The Valley of The Chumash.

Come be part of the Chumash Family.